Tungsten Wedding Bands and How to Care for Them

Tungsten Wedding Bands

For those who are deciding on the type of wedding band to wear, many grooms and brides select a tungsten men wedding band. This is because tungsten male wedding rings are usually harder to damage and do not demand as much attention as gold or platinum wedding rings. Tungsten carbide rings are hard and not easily scratched while gold rings can easily get scratched even when one is juice cleaning them. Nonetheless, that does not mean tungsten rings should not be cleaned to look shiny but be careful not to use kinds of cleaning solvents that harm your ring.

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Characteristics and Benefits of Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands


Tungsten is also among the hardest materials on the planet and based on the Mohs scale of hardness it is only outclassed by diamond. This means that tungsten wedding bands for men do not scratch and ding easily, particularly if it has a polished or shiny finish as it will remain so for a much longer period than will other metals. So, now you have an answer to ‘Is Tungsten good for a wedding band?’


Tungsten rings men’s wedding cost less than gold, platinum, or even titanium rings and therefore better value for money. For this reason, they are ideal for use by couples who are willing to spend on good quality products while at the same time having a tight budget. Get in touch with us to get yourself stunning tungsten wedding bands for men and women.

Weight and Feel

Wearers find carrying tungsten women’s wedding bands satisfying due to the weight of the ring as compared to the normal ring. This additional weight gives the rings that luxurious feel, which is normally attributed to the high-end silver and other metals used in jewelry.


Finish options for Tungsten wedding bands include polished, brushed, as well as matte ones. They can also be embedded with other materials such as wood, ceramics, or even precious metals or almost any choice of style is available.


In most high-quality tungsten wedding bands, pure tungsten carbide is used which is hypoallergenic. Because of this, it is ideal for individuals with skin complications or people who are allergic to metal. Reach out to us to explore our alluring tungsten wedding band range.

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Care and Maintenance

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Though men’s tungsten wedding rings are extremely hard to wear, certain care should be employed so as to maintain the shine. Here are some tips on how to maintain a tungsten wedding band.


Washing is critical when it comes to the shiny look of the ring since it will always stay clean throughout the day. Tungsten men’s bands can be cleaned easily using mild soap and warm water; usually at the comfort of your home. Rinse the ring for a few minutes and then, wash in warm water with a soft toothbrush to eliminate dirt and stain. Wash well in water and pat with a piece of cloth that is soft to the touch.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Tungsten carbide is rather heated and chemically resistant; however, it is not immune to all chemicals: chlorine and ammonia, for instance, will eventually tarnish the material. One should be advised to take off his or her tungsten ring when swimming in a pool with chlorine or when using chemicals to clean.


For the remaining times, it is best to put your tungsten wedding band in another area than where you keep your other pieces of jewelry as despite the nature of tungsten being able to resist scratches, it is always possible. This is best done in a small soft pocket or in a lined jewelry box so as not to damage the letter.

Avoid Extreme Forces

This highly useful material is indeed exceedingly hard but it is not bulletproof in other words it is not invincible tungsten carbide. It is a relatively fragile material and may crack or shatter when hit with a small object but with a high point load. Don’t drop the ring, or calmly tap it on any surface possible.

Professional Polishing

Professional Polishing Tungsten Wedding Bands

If your tungsten ring has minor surface scratches or has faded it needs polishing do the same with the assistance of a professional. If the tungsten ring is not refinished, jewelers who deal with tungsten products can help to restore the shine of your jewel making it look like a new one.

Regular Inspections

As any wedding band made of tungsten carbide is scratchproof, you still need to be concerned about the durability of the inlays and the gemstones if any. If you discover any problem, it is recommended to seek the services of a professional jewel expert for direction.


Tungsten wedding bands provide good durability, a gorgeous outlook, and a reasonable price therefore they are good for most brides and grooms. In the case of the right care and handling, a tungsten ring will continue to remain an icon of the commitment that two lovers have for each other for quite a number of years. Remember these few tips and your tungsten wedding band will stay shiny and will remain a dear piece of jewelry.

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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about Tungsten wedding bands and how to care for them.

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