What's the Difference Between a Wedding Band and a Wedding Ring?

Wedding Band

Weddings are said to be made in heaven and the bands and rings to commit, are made with love by us. A wedding band or wedding ring symbolizes the love you bear for your partner. When you are in love you want everything to be beautiful and charming for your partner, hence, a timeless wedding band! Are you currently shopping for a wedding ring?

 Are you struggling to figure out the difference between a wedding ring and a band?  Worry no more, as we are here with answers to all your questions, related to wedding bands and wedding rings.

Let's first dive deep into the topic to understand the basic difference between a wedding ring and a band.

Wedding Ring vs Wedding Band

Although wedding bands and rings both are used for the commitment and promise of love, they are different. What are wedding bands? Long ago there was a perception that a wedding band was a simple band made of any metal. It can be thick or thin, but it is just a band that holds no accents. Well, on the other hand when we talk about wedding rings, these were the rings that were made in different fashions. Sometimes, studded with diamonds and gemstones or sometimes pearls.

With the evolving times and changes in thoughts over generations, there exists no difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band.

Nowadays, wedding bands vs rings is no more a question. They are the terms used synonymously when talking about weddings. They are now considered to be a symbol of commitment. The partners exchange the rings for their eternal commitment. Next, arises another question, which is, what is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring/Band

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Unlike similarities between wedding band and wedding ring, the meaning of engagement ring and wedding ring is different.

An engagement ring is used to ask your person if he or she will marry you.

On the other hand, a wedding band or wedding ring is used in the wedding ceremony for the exchange of the rings and vows.

Many couples prefer to get both rings soldered together and wear them as a wedding band for the wedding ceremony and lifetime. We at Pristine Rings help you with everything to make your wedding ring the most unique.

Everybody wants a unique wedding band for the wedding.

The bands and rings sold by us are amazingly outstanding. Our team at Pristine Rings struggles each day to bring all the eco-friendly and galactic elements together to make your ring special.

If you are fond of creating memories with your engagement and wedding ring, you should surely check out our range.

We have a skilled artisan team and our rings are 100% handmade.

Not only handmade and unique but every ring holds a feeling to itself. Imagine, if you are a music lover/ musician and have a guitar string in your wedding ring, or if you are a big fan of Galaxy and have a meteorite in your ring. Isn't it amazing?

We believe that the ring for your wedding is going to be close to your heart and it should be as special as your love. Therefore, here are a few options that can help you in choosing your wedding band and engagement ring.

Rose Hammered Tungsten Crushed Meteorite Couples Wedding Band Set

Couples Wedding Band Set

Are you looking for something beautiful and galactic? Check out this Rose Hammered Tungsten Crushed Meteorite Couples Wedding Band Set. Gear up to flaunt your choice by making a striking style statement on your big day. Crafted with durable tungsten and crushed meteorite, these rings are super stylish and incredibly resilient. Looking for something beautiful and unique? This set is the perfect option for a couple like you.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Couples Wedding Ring Set

Tungsten Couples Wedding Ring Set

This exquisite Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone and Guitar String Tungsten couple's wedding Ring Set is astonishing. Each ring is handcrafted from tungsten, a metal renowned for its strength and durability. Secure your commitment to a lifetime together with these durable and elegant bands. The hand-inlaid Abalone and other Hawaiian Koa wood accents bring a unique flair to the classic design.

Black Tungsten Crushed Opal Couples Wedding Band Set

Wedding Ring

This stunning Black Tungsten Crushed Opal Couples Wedding Band Set is surely captivating. It can leave you spellbound and awestruck for years. Crafted from durable black tungsten, these bands feature mystic crushed opal accents for an elegant and luxurious feel. A perfect representation of love and commitment is here for you.


The answer to wedding band vs engagement ring can be understood in this read. You can also get an explanation about the differences between a wedding band and a wedding ring. Find the widest variety of contemporary rings on our website. We have unique and one-of-a-kind rings for each one of you. All our rings are made up of rare and eco-friendly elements. Handmade rings made with utmost care and love for intricate detailing are our specialty.

Choose a ring for you and your other half from our website and make an everlasting impression. Wedding rings are forever, our rings are comfortable and lifestyle complementing, therefore long-lasting! Choose from a variety of wood, metals, fossils, and rare elements to woo your partner.

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