Black Tungsten Vs Black Ceramic

Black Tungsten Vs Black Ceramic

“Black rings are the punctuation marks in the language of style, adding an exclamation point to individuality."

Non Traditional Rings are acquiring more and more attention from both men and women. There can be plenty of reasons behind its inhabitable popularity. Some might just love the black color. While some others might prefer the style and the elegance of the ring.

There are a few popular materials used for making black rings. The main toppers are tungsten and ceramic. By perusing this piece of read you can classify the peculiarities of black tungsten v/s black ceramic

What Is Black Tungsten Ring Made Of

Black Tungsten men’s rings and women’s black tungsten rings

Black Tungsten men’s rings and women’s black tungsten rings are usually made up of an alloy. The actual color of tungsten has silver hues and is naturally grey-shaded. However, black tungsten can be achieved by bombarding a few particles of titanium zirconium alloy over the tungsten. This alloy has a black colour hence it makes black tungsten rings.

There are properties of both tungsten and titanium alloy in this ring. To name a few tungsten has the remarkable property of being immune to scratches and bands. While the titanium surface makes sure that the black color doesn’t fade. Tungsten is the hardest natural metal next to diamond on the list.

These rings usually do not have any stone settings but there are a few online and offline jewelers like “Pristine Rings” where you can find a wide assortment of both black tungsten wedding bands and black ceramic.

What Is A Black Ceramic Ring Made Up Of

As the name implies black ceramic rings are not metallic. These rings have recently become popular owing to the modern and contemporary feel of the ring. The ring is made up of ceramic hence naturally black. The ring comes with the added advantage of not fading and if it gets scratched then it still shows a black color underneath.

Black ceramic is also a hard material however tungsten tops the hardness list. The rings have their own peculiarities that make it easier to classify from the black tungsten to black ceramic range.

There are many varieties available in both black ceramic and black tungsten in the market. You can simply search our websites for wonderful and enigmatic design options in black tungsten and black ceramic rings.

Check out our show-stopper black ceramic ring;

Black Ceramic Mammoth Fossil Men's Wedding Band 8MM

Black Ceramic Mammoth Fossil Men's Wedding Band 8MM

Black ceramic rings are the most scratch-resistant, second only to tungsten carbide. Jet black through the ring, black is its color, not a surface coating. It is permanent and will not fade, or corrode, is scratch-resistant, and is hypoallergenic. This incredible material is lighter than tungsten, heavier than titanium, has a very smooth surface finish, and has the appearance of metal. The fossil used to craft this black ceramic ring was cut from a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth fossil. A tremendous amount of labor and skill goes into handcrafting and cutting this 10,000-year-old fossil, the craftsman not only carefully chooses each fossil and cuts with precision to assemble this ice age fossil.

Black Ceramic Vs Tungsten Rings


Black tungsten is more hard and scratch-resistant than black ceramic. You can choose one of the materials based on your lifestyle. And material preferences. We have both men's and women's black ceramic and black tungsten rings for you.


Black Tungsten rings are comparatively shiner and have a different site each time you look at them. On the contrary, if you are not a fan of metallic rings you can choose less shiny black ceramic rings.

Weight & Comfort

Black ceramic is lightweight and can be a good choice for black color lovers. Black ceramic has a different level of darkness when compared to tungsten rings.

Scratch Resistant

Both materials are scratch-resistant. So you can buy either of these if you are looking for something that can last long.

Affordability and Durability

Both the rings are affordable and durable. Going by their hardness and scratch-resistant nature they are long-lasting.

 You can save a big stake of money if you buy these non-traditional rings.

A Quick Tip

These rings can be sold at very low prices if they are not authentic, buying from an authentic jeweler like pristine rings shall be considered.

Style And Designs

Both rings have modern stylish designs at our site. The meaningful material inlays like fossil, opal, and wood can make these rings look uber elegant, and chic.

Checkout Black Tungsten Trendsetter;

Black Hammered Tungsten Charred Whiskey Barrel Men's Wedding Band

Black Hammered Tungsten Charred Whiskey Barrel Men's Wedding Band

This Black Hammered Tungsten Charred Whiskey Barrel Men's Wedding Band is a rugged and timeless choice for any groom. Its hammered tungsten construction and charred whiskey barrel design add a unique flavor to any wedding day look. Tungsten is incredibly durable too, making this the perfect representation of a lasting commitment.


The blog is all about understanding the two materials, mainly black ceramic and black tungsten. This piece of information can help select between a tungsten black wedding band or black ceramic.

There are many questions surrounding black wedding rings like what do black wedding bands mean you can read our other blogs on black wedding bands for more information.

We sell the best variety of tungsten rings in black and silvery shine shades. Each ring sold by us black tungsten men’s ring, a Men’s Black Engagement Ring, and a Women’s or Men’s Black Wedding Band are authentic and long-lasting. Visit our site to check out our latest collection now!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about black tungsten vs black ceramic.

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