How To Clean Tungsten Rings In 5 Easy Steps

How To Clean Tungsten Rings In 5 Easy Steps

Buying wedding rings is never easy we know but maintaining a wedding ring for a lifetime is a matter of care as well! There are plenty of ring varieties available in the market to choose from, traditional and nontraditional.

Any type of ring needs good care for longevity! Find the cleaning tips for men’s tungsten wedding bands in this blog. Alike any other ring cleaning tungsten rings requires several precautions. Being precautionary while cleaning a tungsten ring can support its longevity.

The main focus should be preventing the ring from getting damaged due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. It is not an easy and quick job to clean a tungsten ring! A little patience may serve you better in getting sparkly clean results.

How To Clean Tungsten Wedding Bands: The 5 Easy Steps

Tungsten rings are very easy to maintain and take care of! Although everyday use may cause it to lose some charm it can be regained by following these simple 5 steps for cleaning.

Be it the men's tungsten wedding ring or the women’s both can be cleaned by this simple technique, keep reading!

1. Do Not Buy The Special Solutions: To clean a tungsten ring at home do not call for any new expenditure. Choose the household items to get the ring cleaned. Beginning with the list of items you will need;
  • Soap
  • Bowl
  • Warm water
  • Cotton cloth
  • Old/new toothbrush
  • Cotton swab

 Using the normal household soap for making a solution is advised. Tungsten carbide rings can be cleaned by mixing a few soap drops with warm water in a bowl. This soap could be a mild detergent or a dishwasher solution.

Avoid using the soaps that contain chlorine or ammonia in it! Chlorine and ammonia are not good for your wedding ring. They can act oppositely and damage the ring.

A mild soap can prevent unwanted harmful reactions on your forever ring.

2. Cotton Cloth: Use the cotton cloth to clean the ring. Wipe the ring first with a dry cotton cloth to remove any dust particles. Once you remove the dust particles, soak the cotton cloth in the solution.

Place the ring on the cotton cloth and rub the ring with the solution-dipped cloth. This will again help remove the dirt from the ring surface without causing damage.

3. Use a toothbrush: Now that you have cleaned the ring with a cotton cloth; look for any remaining deeply stuck dirt on your ring.  There are always some hard to clean spots on every ring for such spots you need to use a toothbrush.

A combination of solution-dipped cotton swabs and a toothbrush can be a good way to remove dirt from your ring.

4. Consider Size And Make: Cleaning of rings usually depends on the size and the make. If the rings are smaller in size or hold some intricate design then they are to be cleaned a little more carefully.

Be patient and soak the ring in the solution for some time which can help loosen the particles.

The rings may need a little more cleaning due to the lifestyle that has exposure to oil and grease. After scrubbing and cleaning the ring you can soak the ring and repeat the whole process again. This will surely yield you the desired result.

5. Inspection: Inspect the ring for cleaning results. If the cleaning has given you the desired results wipe it off with a dry cotton cloth and wear it back.

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The above mentioned steps are certain ways to clean your ring at home. Tungsten rings do not call for any high maintenance. Keeping your ring clean can make your ring last longer and hence guidelines like avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals shall be avoided.

These steps are not only applicable to the rings but can also be used to clean any tungsten jewelry. You can also use the activity band given free to you on every purchase.

What is an activity band?

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Now that you know how to clean rings? Go ahead and buy yourself a men's wedding band or a couple’s set now from our set. “Pristine Rings' ' has the widest range of nontraditional rings for men and women.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on tungsten men’s wedding rings/bands.

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