What Does A 3-Band Wedding Band Mean?

What Does A 3-Band Wedding Band Mean

Rings are the most popular form of adornment. Alongside, the popularity of the rings are the meanings of the various ways they are worn. While cruising around in the city and meeting your relatives during your pre-wedding span, you might have noticed a 3-band wedding ring. This read explains the 3-band wedding ring meaning, precisely for you!

We are the forerunners in the contemporary ring manufacturing business. We have a leash in knowledge about all kinds of rings. We can correctly explain to you the occasions on which these rings are exchanged. Be it a promise ring meaning in our other blogs or the 3-band wedding ring meaning in this, we are here to help you discover the answers to your curiosities.

Let us learn about the 3 band wedding ring by pursuing this article till the end.

Unfolding The 3-Band Wedding Ring Meaning

Unfolding The 3-Band Wedding Ring Meaning

Many people wear the 3 band wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger. As the name suggests this finger is meant for all the ring-style adornments. This might have put you in a quandary, whether to wear a single band or 3 band wedding ring. The following are the 3 bands that make 3 wedding band sets.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of a step ahead in your relationship. An exchange of this ring means a commitment of marriage to your lover. This ring holds a special place in every individual’s heart.

Wearing this ring on the left-hand ring finger is the most common practice globally. However, when it's your wedding day the placement of this on to the other finger is most thought of. It feels murky to remove this special ring from the ring finger and move it onto the other finger or the other hand. To avoid this feeling of obscurity it is best to pair it with the wedding matching wedding band.

The 3 band wedding band sets start with the first comrade from the group of three, that is the engagement ring.

Wedding Ring 3 Bands: Wedding Band Is The 2nd

The wedding band is the most cherished band among individuals. Matching the wedding band with the engagement band. Pairing the engagement ring with the wedding band and wearing it as a stack makes the wedding band the second band.

These bands are often placed above or below the engagement ring to balance the look. It's a known fact that the wedding ring or engagement ring is the centerpiece of a diamond or gemstone. Therefore, with regards to the design of the engagement ring with a centerpiece choosing a plain wedding band or studded wedding loop can be a great bet!

Anniversary And Milestone Bands: The 3rd Band

The 3 rings of marriage comprise this third last but not the least anniversary or milestone ring. With the exchange of rings and vows, marriage symbolizes lifetime commitment. The partners commit to each other by being there by each other’s side in health and sickness.

After marriage, the 1st anniversary is often considered as a milestone of married life. On this occasion couples often gift anniversary rings to each other, which makes the third ring in the marriage band set.

Sometimes the birth of a child also is considered a milestone by the couple. The ring gifted on the occasion of childbirth can make the third band in the 3-band set.

What Are The 3 Rings Of Marriage And How Are They Paired?

Rings Of Marriage

Wedding ring 3 bands are paired based on various factors mentioned below; 


Matching the metal of the three rings is essential. You must be able to create a perfect color play by choosing the right metal.

You can also create a contrasting palette in the rings together. For example, if the two rings at both ends are a tungsten silvery band then go for a black meteorite ring in the middle.

Moreover, you can also wear all three rings in the same metal by maintaining uniformity in the 3 band ring set.


The styles are another criterion when thinking of stacking the rings together. All the rings should create a balanced look when worn together.  The ring width should be less than the main centerpiece ring. Understanding the ring finger length and then deciding the ring width can be very helpful in wearing the 3 band wedding band.


The rings with accents and the rings without accents are the two types of rings available in the market. Choosing a ring with the accent as the center ring and keeping 2 plain rings by the side can be a game-changer ring look.

You can check the rings on our website to team up with the studded rings on your hand. Choose the 100% handmade and meaningful ring as the milestone or wedding band for maintaining a perfect style.

The stackable ring option from Pristine Rings;

Turquoise Rose Tungsten Wedding Band 4MM

Turquoise Rose Tungsten Wedding Band 4MM

This Turquoise Rose Tungsten Wedding Band 4MM is beautifully crafted to last a lifetime. With a 4MM width, this band is durable and scratch-resistant making it an ideal choice for an everlasting symbol of your love. Make it your milestone ring or your wedding ring and craft a unique look of adornment.

Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM

Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM (2)

This turquoise grey tungsten women's wedding band is the perfect union of timeless style and modern durability. The crushed turquoise grey tungsten material offers an elegant look, while being four times harder than titanium, ensuring that it will last for many anniversaries to come.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Mens Wedding Ring 6MM

Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Mens Wedding Ring 6MM

This ring is special. Crafted from 6MM Hawaiian Koa Wood and set with Abalone guitar string, this unique Tungsten men's Wedding Ring will make an unforgettable impression. Durable and elegant, it is a perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Wrapping Up

Talking about the rings of the wedding we have explained almost all the aspects included in the 3 band wedding band meaning. How does wedding rings work? How are they paired together is addressed in the blog.

After learning about these simple but well-researched facts in this read you can now choose your special ring without any confusion. Choose the most attractive rings on our site at competitive prices. Each ring is authentic and comes with a meaningful inlay. Buy now!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about 3 band wedding band set. rings.

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