What Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On For A Man?

Which Hand Is A Wedding Ring For A Man

Ready for the commitment but hovered by the questions about what hand a wedding ring goes on for a man?  You might have seen many hands with a wedding ring by now, but have you noticed which hand is the wedding ring for a man/male? Think no more as we have an answer to your question.

 The answer is “The wedding ring goes on the left hand!”

Is your wedding day around the corner and you are confused about your wedding ring and wedding ring finger? We have furnished the required information for you in this blog. If you are already engaged you must know about the general approach towards wedding and engagement rings.

For centuries there have been various religious and ritualistic opinions about which hand the wedding ring goes on. Never ignore such questions and prepare wisely instead.

Which Hand Is A Wedding Ring For A Man?

Men's Wedding Ring Placement

Why is the fourth finger called the ring finger? Ever wondered the reason behind it? The ring finger is called by this name for a reason. In Western society, it is a known fact that the rings are worn on the left-hand ring finger.

Whether you are a male or a female the ring usually goes on the left hand.

The most probable reason given behind this is the Vena Amorous i.e. a vein in your left-hand finger which directly connects to the heart.

However, it has been scientifically proven that there is no such vein, which might be a completely old wive’s tail. Hence, there can be multiple questions regarding wearing the ring.

Owing to this Myth it is regarded as Men's Wedding Band Hand is left and the ring is worn on the ring finger.

Tradition Behind Wedding Ring

Historically, there are many shreds of evidence of the existence of the wedding ring. The main evidence revolves around Egyptian culture, ancient Egypt. The theories have explained that the wedding ring and the hand on which it goes were chosen centuries ago.

Did you know when was the first wedding ring exchanged? The first time wedding rings were used in ancient Egypt was in 3100 BCE. The rings were exchanged as a token of love. The circular shape signified the unending eternal bond between the couple.

Many of our forefathers also used the reeds, grasses, and likewise to wear in the form of rings. 

After acknowledging the fact that the wedding ring goes on the left-hand there are occasional reasons for wearing  on the right hand;

Wedding Bands On Right Hand

Wedding Ring For A Man

If You Are Left-Handed

Left-hand dominant? Usually, the left-hand dominant individual with professional art, or physical labor may wear rings on the right hand. Wearing it on the dominant hand may cause restrictions in the work, hence the right hand!

Apparently, the maximum population is right-hand dominant, therefore wearing the wedding ring on the left is convenient for almost everybody.

Different Cultures: Different Ring Fingers

Cultures play a pivotal role in deciding where to put your wedding ring. There are Western countries that hold a tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand.

On the contrary,  countries like Greece, Ukraine, and many others believe in wearing the wedding ring on the right hand.


There have been various ways to symbolize your sexuality. Similarly, the gay community believes in wearing their wedding rings on the right hand.

Choosing Metal For Wedding Band

Apart from hand and ring finger confusion there exists another mythical confusion, metals to choose from! The myth and rituals strongly suggest choosing precious metals and precious accents for the wedding rings.

However, you can very well prioritize your preferences and comfort ahead of the ritualistic beliefs. Choosing rings made up of meaningful inlays, and unique sturdy metals that can last a lifetime can be your best bet. These rings are 100% handmade and can cost you much less than the traditional wedding rings.

Avoid the discussion about choosing a groom's ring finger on the right or left hand as it is highly variable demographically. The ring finger for a male can be on any of the hands but it is sure a symbol of love and commitment. 

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The blog is entirely about the men's wedding ring on the finger. The men’s band is equally imperative like the women's wedding ring. Before committing for a lifetime, know everything about the ring finger, the popular traditional metals, and the associated old myths.

It is highly dependent on the preference and the cultural background of the individual to decide on the men's wedding ring finger hand. You may also decide to discuss the same with your spouse to conclude. Wedding rings are for a lifetime and researching a little about lifetime jewelry pieces like wedding bands is never a waste of time. To choose the best wedding ring at affordable prices for both men and women visit us now!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about what hand a wedding ring goes on for a man.

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