Black Ceramic Abalone Shell Whiskey Barrel Wood Men's Wedding Band 8MM

Sale price$260.00

The recycled wood used to craft this black ceramic ring was cut from genuine whiskey white oak barrel. A tremendous amount of labor and skill go into handcrafting a whiskey barrel, the craftsman not only carefully chooses each piece of wood to assemble this barrel, he must also painstaking dry and attended to the barrel outdoors for 6 to 12 months. Then when the barrel is just right the craftsman will torch the woods surface bringing out the natural flavors that will infuse the whiskey over time creating some if the world most desired and incredible whiskies. You can actually still smell the whiskey in the barrel, even after we cut the pieces into cubes to prepaid them for your ring. Once finished and sealed there is no more whiskey scent, but the unique tale tale markings of the whiskey barrel forever remain. Like our rings, whiskey starts with the wood.
SKU: B107-8MM-7
Size: 7

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